American Society of Cinematographers 26th Achievment Awards

2011, the American Society of Cinematographers, the ASC, announced its nomination list revision in television and the forthcoming ASC Achievement Awards.

Held annually, the ASC heralds the finest in cinematic vision; this year categories in television will be lauded including one-hour episodic television; movie and miniseries; and a third addition one half-hour episodic series and/or pilot.

“This competition is designed to celebrate the achievements of our peers who contribute to telling compelling stories,” says Michael Goi, ASC prexy, ”under tremendous time and budget pressures.”

Jonathan Freeman led with win at this 2011’s American Society of Cinematographers’ 25th ASC Awards.  The ASC claimed top elects in episodic competition for HBOs “Boardwalk Empire” and Freeman’s “Home” episode and with Stephen Windon in the ASC movie/miniseries category win with “The Pacific,” and “Okinawa” HBO drama.

“The evolution of households that have home theaters with large, high-definition television screens makes artful cinematography more important than ever,” ASC Awards Committee Chairman Richard Crudo, ASC connotes.

Nominees for the absolute in outstanding cinematic genre and categories:

One-hour Episodic Television Series/Pilot category:

David Franco – HBO, Boardwalk Empire, “To the Lost”

Jonathan Freeman – ASC, Boardwalk Empire, “21”

David Katznelson – DFF, BSC, PBS – Downtown Abbey (Pilot)

John Lindley – ASC, ABC – Pan Am (Pilot)

David Stockton – ASC, NBC – Chase, “Narco, Part 2”

Television Movie/Miniseries category:

Ed Lachman – ASC, HBO – Mildred Pierce

Kevin Moss – Showtime, Chicago Overcoat

David Moxness – CSC, ReelzChannel – The Kennedys, “Moral Issues and Inner Turmoil”

Martin Ruhe – PBS, Page Eight

Wojciech Szepel – PBS, Any Human Heart, “Episode 2”

The third half-hour Episodic Series or Pilot category added 2011:

James Bagdonas – ASC, ABC – Modern Family, “Bixby’s Back”

Michael Balfry – CSC, The Hub – R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, “Brush with Madness”

Vanja Cernjul, – HFC, HBO – Bored to Death, “Forget the Herring”

Levie Isaacks ­– ASC, ABC – Man Up, “Acceptance”

Michael Weaver – ASC, Showtime – Californication ,“Suicide Solution”

The American Society of Cinematographers ASC Achievement Awards competition presents its top honours February 12 at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland, Hollywood, CA.

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