Free Movies Online

Free Movies Online

Finding free movies online can be one of the most burdensome tasks an internet user can face, as the web is littered with phony sites, scams, poor quality TV/movie links, and just plan lousy streaming content. To get to the right website can take hours or even days of searching. So many fake sites have popped up whose only intention is to grab the user’s credit card information, force the buyer to download software that often contains viruses, and many times just plain not work at all.

So this begs the question as to how one finds quality free movies online. Many websites such as or exist with varying levels of quality and authenticity. is essentially a bootleg website with many movies seemingly pirated or filmed with a camera illegally inside a theater. While can boast higher quality and appears to not allow those types of movies, it does seem like many of them are from foreign countries or are promotional movies released by studios to industry people pre-release.

Film studios such as Sony have jumped into the picture to create a more legitimate portal for users to watch streaming online movies for free, giving the user a safe way to access a studio’s library of content. is their new offering which allows viewers to stream such Sony owned hits as Starship Troopers, The 6th Day, and 8MM, just to name a few. High quality streamed movies direct from sources like this can help ensure the user’s tablet, laptop, or cell phone doesn’t encounter some of the dangerous viruses evident in less legitimate websites.

The speed of which people’s lives now move demands this type of instant access not just on computers but on tablets and even cell phones. Whether someone is in an airport, sitting in a room without a TV, or even sitting in a waiting area at a doctor’s office, society has created an on-demand culture which perhaps has arisen from on-demand entertainment. Many services such as Hulu start out for free in attempt to grab a slice of internet on-demand market share and then turn to a paid model to create revenue (Hulu now charges $7.99 per month after a one-week free trial).

Netflix also offers a one-month free hook for users that converts to a paid membership. For these reasons and examples, finding free movies online has become a top searched phrase in Google, resulting in 1,270,000,000 hits when searched as of the time this article was written.
Finding online free movies is becoming easier with directory portals like which give the viewer a plethora of choices (1000’s) of websites from which to choose, thereby circumventing the paid model or “free then pay” model. This serves as an alternative to individual sites like Yahoo TV, Hulu,, and others which only provide one library of content. Directory sites such as might be the new direction for on-the-go users who want to watch free movies from their laptop, tablet, or cell phone but don’t want the constraints of one source.

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