Matricom G-Box Q Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box - Review
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Manufacturer: Matricom
Brand: Matricom
Model: Gbox Q
EAN: 0799422573703
Available in Categories: Streaming Media Players, Television & Video, Home Theater, Electronics

  • True 1080p Quad Core S802 CPU paired with the powerful Mali450 Octo Core 3D GPU Graphics Processor = Insane Media Performance.
  • Cloud Updating means you never have to worry about complicated and cumbersome firmware installations.
  • So many options! Unlike Roku, Apple TV, Nexus and more the G-Box Q is free of any restrictions.
  • Includes the Special Edition Matricom Media Center based on Kodi. Tons of free streaming add-ons available so cancel your satellite or cable service.

Get ready for the next level of Android TV and XBMC/Kodi experiences. Enter the G-Box Q, the worldʼs first high-spec TV box. With 2GB RAM and 16GB Internal storage, the G-Box Q is the first to change the game for high performance Android devices on your HD television.

Gone are the days of running out of RAM and storage. The Q comes with 2GB of ram and 16GB of storage, making it the highest spec device which is double the storage of the Nexus and FireTV boxes.

Gone are the days of waiting for buffering. The G-Box Q comes integrated with Dual Band 5G WiFi which provides a stable and fast connection of high speed data whith is required for today’s cutting edge 4K media.

Gone are the days of tedius firmware updates. The G-Box Q is under heavy development and backed by a strong community of open-source and commercial developers that LOVE the G-Box. Comes loaded with Matricom Media Center, based on Kodi technology, highly integrated and designed specifically for the G-Box Q to play more formats and to work more effeciently than any other version of Kodi available.*

Matricom is the pioneer in Android set-top box technology and brings the best to the table. With the worldʼs #1 warranty thereʼs nothing to worry about if anything goes wrong.

*Kodi is bleeding edge technology and under heavy development. For stability we recommend installing XBMC Gotham for Android (Available as a free download from, which is the most stable version of XBMC available at the time.

** Q firmware is currently under heavy development. Firmware updates are being released frequently to improve this device. We love the G-Box community and listen to G-Box users to make the best product available!

Updates: (4/1/15) Stable firmware: v1.3.1 – (5/14/15) Beta firmware: v1.3.1.10

Customer Reviews & Opinions

The Matricom G-Box has had 1,278 reviews and received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars by customers. 59% of the votes were for 5 stars.  Comments include, “ this is a hell of a product and is definitely THE CABLE KILLER!“, “The G-Box is a huge improvement over older players. No issues streaming content and the box works great. Slightly larger than a Roku but dose so much more“, and “At least 85% of all movies you have ever seen live here! If there is a TV series that you like or use to like chances are it is here! If the series is still active it will be here an hour after it airs on TV or cable! want an old movie? probably there! You can even look for movies by actor, even lesser known actor“.

Because it needs some setting up, one reviewer reccomends not to buy unless you are savvy saying, “if you are new to online media streaming and media boxes and don’t have someone who can be available to help you set this up, don’t buy it

Your Questions Answered

Q: can this unit perform DVR functions?

A: Absolutely this device records for later viewing.Get yourself a 16/32 or larger SD card (a must) and this device is truly unlimited.

Q: How easy is it to set this up for watching free movies etc?

A: You can install all the addons by following the steps mentioned in the link –

Q: Does it support Internet browsing and flash?

A: Yes. The browser loads web pages quicker than any other android box I’ve tried.

Q: What type of internet service or speed do you need to use this box?

A: You don’t need any particular service provider, but you need reasonably fast download speeds: at 20Mbps I have zero issues, I would guess that 10Mbps is still good enough, at 5Mbps you will see issues with some videos and streaming sites, and at 2Mbps probably nothing streams well.

Q: Can I watch live tv, like abc, nbc, fox, etc? also foreign live tv?

A: Kodi (XBMC) downloaded from, with add-ons like Genesis installed, has many live streams of standard TV channels. Mobdro downloaded from is also good, and much easier than Kodi (just download and install). Q: does this box support external hard drive ,if so can i download Apps & Movies to the hard drive.Also is this Box read all the format audio & video sub

A: Yes. It’s Android OS with USB support. Apps from Google can be installed as well it can play local or networked movies / music via a myriad of methods.

Q: Can watch foreign tv channels using his box?

A: Yes

Q: Does this item support external hard drives? If so. Can I download apps to the hard drive?

A: Yes. I run a Seagate external drive through a USB port and it works a charm. I view with the 4K Movie Player. Have not downloaded apps to the hard drive, the apps I use are downloaded straight on to the internal drive in the box.

Remote not great for control
Matricom G-Box Q Quad Core Kodi Android TV Box