Top U.S. Filming and Production Locations

Production, post production and filming location treks release truncated list and domestic and international tally with queue. Wednesday, Hollywood’s other inside, P3, released its descript of the best performing states in America adept at reconnoitering feature complementary feature completion – the alignment mildly suggestive to which attractive quality is industry preferred, tax incentive-rich or sans production cost-effective in segue.

P3, now in its 25th year of industry and brand unifying preproduction, production, and post production, reinscribes its current States’ sects.

P3 Top 10 States in Production

1. Louisiana

2. Illinois

3. Florida

4. Georgia

5. California

6. Connecticut

7. New York

8. Utah

9. New Mexico

10. Michigan

P3 Top 10 Filming Locations in the ‘Universe’

1. California

2. Connecticut

3. Georgia

4. Louisiana

5. Massachusetts

6. New York

7. North Carolina

8. Canada

9. New Zealand

10. United Kingdom

P3 observes the latest technological advancements maintained and applied within features, television, live/broadcasting, commercials, documentaries, educational, industrial, and music video in preproduction, production and postproduction.

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